Live Roulette At Winner Live Casino Comes In Four Variations


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Live Roulette

Your Seat At The Roulette Table Is Waiting

Winner Live Roulette brings the real casino experience to your desktop or mobile device. Enjoy the game like you never thought possible as live dealers spin the wheel and you place your bets across your own digital Roulette table.

In-Play Advantages

Use the table history slider to see what numbers have come up in the last 21 results on the Roulette wheel while you chat with your personal and beautiful live dealer at the table. Players can keep a series of pre-programmed bets on hand using the My Bets function. This is a great way to speed up the wagering process when multiple bets are being placed on the table. If the Community Chips option is supported by your chosen roulette table, then the first confirmed player's bets can be viewed in your game window. If your bets are among the first confirmed, then they will be visible to other players. Community chips are shown only as far as placement, not by denomination.

Chat and Steaming Video

Type your messages in the chat field and your croupier will respond with crystal clear picture and audio thanks to streaming video. If you're feeling generous and the croupier has done a good job, players may even leave a tip to complement their host or hostess.

Camera Views

Players may switch camera views between small and large windows at any time during play. In the small window view mode players can also enjoy several side games at any point in their roulette experience for a chance to earn even more rewards at the table. Large window mode will have the Roulette game take precedence and cover the player's game screen entirely.
HQ mode can also be turned on. Everything aspect of the game screen will then receive a crisper and higher-definition display.

Multi-Table Play

Players can enjoy Roulette on up to 3 different tables at once with this unique game feature at the Winner Live Casino.

Live Roulette Variations

Classic Live Roulette

Live Roulette just as you know it from the casino floor. Each table has a unique dealer and theme to further customize each individual player's experience at the tables beyond the special features that can only be enjoyed on Winner Live Casino games.

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French Roulette

Winner Live Casino's French Roulette selection offers much of the same atmosphere of Classic Live Roulette with a different table setup table, and similar wheel to European-style roulette. However, one crucial difference exists with the inclusion of the La Partage Rule.

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Exclusive Roulette

Standard European roulette rules apply in this live version of Roulette that brings players face to face with their very own croupiers in a VIP setting. Reserved for those players looking to join the top tier faction of Roulette enthusiasts, Exclusive Roulette takes the game to a new level.

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Dual Roulette

Enjoy double the action with Live Dual Roulette. You'll place bets on the outcome of two roulette wheels instead of one. This is a great game to play when you're looking to maximize your time's efficiency and winning potential.

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