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Live Blackjack

Beat the House to Boost Your Bankroll

Winner Live Blackjack offers players a distinct experience for desktop and mobile users. Live dealers and the real casino atmosphere offer players an incredible level of entertainment with every hand of Live Blackjack. Your beautiful live croupier is waiting to deal you in.

In-Play Advantages

Follow Betting

Players at the table are free to see at any time the cards and wagers of other players at every stage of the game. This can be a useful tool in narrowing down the possible hand of the dealer and offer a player a distinct advantage when placing bets.

Multi-seat play

At any time you can occupy an additional seat at he blackjack table to play multiple hands at once. This is a great way to increase the reward opportunities at the Live Blackjack tables in the Winner Live Casino.
The current maximum number of seat which a player can occupy is shown in the lower right hand side of the game screen.

Behind-seat play

Decisions in the game depend on the decisions made by the main player you are sitting behind. Double and split hand action is only acceptable when the main player takes that action.

Enter As A Watcher

Players may even join rooms simply to spectate. This option is not available in all rooms.


Hand History

Use the table history slider to see what the hand results were for each player as well as the croupier in recent games at this table.


Chat and Steaming Video

It couldn't be easier to communicate with your live croupier while you play at any of the Winner Live Blackjack tables. Simply type your message into the chat field and the live croupier will respond with his or her answer. Carry on a conversation as long as you like, even tip your croupier if you feel they deserve a little something extra.


Camera Views

Two camera views are available to be taken advantage of at any time while playing Live Blackjack. In small window view mode, players are invited to enjoy a selection of casino games in addition to their Live Blackjack game(s). Large window mode covers the entire game screen, leaving the player with only Live Blackjack on display.
HQ mode can be activated at any time during the game session. This gives every aspect of the game table a high-definition display with crisp graphics and animation.


Live Blackjack Variations

Classic Live Blackjack

One of the most recognizable games in any casino on earth, Classic blackjack has players chasing after hands valued at 21, or at least hands that can beat the croupier's and leave a player in-the-money.


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Unlimited Blackjack

Play up to five hands each deal on a tale that has no limit to the number of players that can join. The games are played quickly, leaving many hands to be played in a short amount of time. That means more rewards with less time invested.


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