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Live Baccarat

A Classic Card Game Pitting Player vs. Bank

Winner Live Baccarat promotes one of the most popular casino card games in play today. The excitement of this game played to 9 is only heightened by the inclusion of live dealers at every table and the real casino atmosphere brought to players through streaming video. Step up to the table and sit down, your beautiful dealer is ready to deal you in.

In-Play Advantages


Players have several scoreboards to use to their advantage in betting. Results for more than a dozen hands in the past can be reviewed and used to make more sound betting decisions. A maximum of 50 game results are shown on the scorecards. Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road, and Cockroach Road are the available scorecard views to choose from.

Multiple Bets and Side Bets

Multiple bets are supported in some instances and allow players to continue making bets throughout the game. There are several ways to bet on a hand of Live Baccarat and you'll want to utilize them all to maximize your winning potential at E25the tables.
Side bets include bets placed on the player, banker or for the two to tie. They are: Player Pair, Banker Pair, Either Pair, Perfect Pair, Big, and Small.

Hand History

Using scorecards, players can see what the hand results were as far back as 50 hands into the past.

Chat and Steaming Video

Playing with a live dealer really makes a difference when playing live casino games. Players will have full freedom to communicate via chat with their live dealers.

Ask questions and get friendly. Players can even reward dealers with tips for providing an especially enjoyable experience.

Camera Views

Live Baccarat players are able to switch between the two camera modes freely. Small view mode shrinks the overall size of the Baccarat game board and includes the ability to play side games for extra winning opportunities.

The Large camera view will allow players to take full advantage of the Live Baccarat game board to its fullest and heighten the immersive quality of the live atmosphere.

HQ mode can be activated at will to give every aspect of the game screen a high-definition feel with crisp graphics and animations.

Live Baccarat Variations

Classic Live Baccarat

A card game made famous in film and television, Baccarat has been around in many form for years. Now, Live Casino Baccarat is one of the most popular games at the Winner Live Casino. Join any of these 7-seat tables for the chance to garner surprisingly high rewards from this simple game.

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Mini Baccarat

Bet on the player, the bank, or the two to tie. Following American baccarat rules, players have the pleasure of enjoying this miniature version of the casino classic with lowered betting limits in a much more relaxed atmosphere.

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VIP Baccarat

You're the king, or queen, of the baccarat table getting the royal treatment all the way down the line. Enjoy the classic casino game of cards to 9 while making the most of your betting influence across the board with the "Squeeze" advantage.

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Progressive Baccarat

The Casino card game where players are pushing to hold a hand of 9 just got more interesting. Bet on the player, the bank, or for the two to tie and now enjoy the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot on top of your regular bets.

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