French Roulette Stacks The Odds In Your Favour


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French Roulette

Live Roulette With a French Twist

French Roulette offers even more entertainment at the tables as well as better odds to keep players' pockets fat. Not only are Live French Roulette tables equipped with stunning dealers and unique décor to set them apart from our other great Roulette variations, but French Roulette boasts unique rules in addition to the classic casino wheel game.

Players are invited to make wagers using the many available bets and to take advantage of the history slider to ensure they have every advantage in making an informed wager.

La Partage Rule

In the case that players are unlucky enough to strike the ‘0' on the wheel, this is where French Roulette will fall in everyone's favour. Should this misfortune befall a player, then according to the La Partage Rule they will only be required to surrender half the amount of their even-money bets in the event of a Roulette resulting in ‘0' or '00'.

This can prove to be a fortunate advantage in the right situation and French Roulette is the only variation where this rule applies.

French Roulette Betting

Take advantage of French Roulette's betting possibilities by utilizing Carré , Transversale de Quatre , Transversale Simple, Colonne, Douzaine, Rouge/Noir, Pair/Impair, and Manque /Passe wagers.

French Roulette tables even have croupiers that are able to announce games in several languages for added convenience.

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