Dual Roulette Lets You Enjoy Two Games At Once


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Dual Roulette

Get Twice The Enjoyment Out Of One Game

If one table of roulette simply isn't enough to satisfy your gaming habit, then you're in luck because Dual Roulette will allow you to enjoy the game on two tables at once. You'll be able to play the same game at double the pace, allowing you the potentially to increase your winnings at a rate of 100%.

More spins in less time is the best way to maximize your profit per minute.

Dual Roulette Rules

Dual Roulette is played adhering to European Roulette Rules and players who want to take advantage of this style of Live Roulette will be able only to choose from a list of approved Roulette tables at the Winner Live Casino.

Two-Table Roulette

Initially when logging into the Live Casino, players will be prompted to make a selection of which style of Live Roulette to play. Click the Dual Roulette option to get started. Players will then be asked choose their first roulette table, followed by the second, making their selection from a list of active Roulette tables.

The tables will be displayed vertically with one on top of the other while both are played at their own live pace.

Selecting European rules tables will garner bigger benefits in the long-run as they tend to have a lower house advantage when compared to Roulette games adhering to other sets of rules.

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